Air Gauge Complex

This AIR GAUGE COMPLEX is fitted on control console and control desk of HHP locomotives. This gauge consists of 3 gauges ie two Double pressure gauges and one Air flow indicator. All are mounted on single clamp assembly.

  • Double pressure gauge: Each gauge having two pointer one in red and another in white. Red indicates the pressure of MR & BC (Main Reservoir and brake Cylinder). White pointer indicates the pressure of EQ & BP (Equalizing Reservoir and Brake Pipe).
  • Air Flow Indicator : This gauge is used to measure the air leakage across a train line orifices and indicates the pressure in 0 – 14 numerals. When the demand occurs for MR from the train line orifice due to Train separation, Chain pulling, excess leakage in BP line, air flow indicator indicates the loss of pressure in numerals. LED will glow when the pointer exceeds the numeral.

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