PEIL had a family get-together function on the 13th of August, 2017 at Sri Balaj Mahal at Veerapandi,
Coimbatore. The event witnessed a participation of 350 family members of Pricol Engineering Industries
Limited employees. A host of cultural programs, including dancing, singing and drama were organized
for employees and their families. Children of employees who were in the age group of 4-15 years
participated enthusiastically in games like Pocket-the-ball-in-the-basket, Musical Chair,
Balloon Blasting and Musical Circle. At the end of the games session, prizes were distributed to the
winners. As a congratulatory gesture, gifts were distributed to the newly married couples as well as
students who performed well in their academics. Breakfast and lunch was served to all the guests who
attended the event.

  • Defence Products

    Driver’s Instrument panel for T72/T90 tanks,BMP-II, Armored personal carriers.

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  • Railways

    Various traction electricals and control equipments for Locomotives, EMUs and Metro Rails.

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  • Industrial Products

    PEIL is well versed with the measurement, testing and controls requirements of the Industrial segment

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  • Automotive Divison

    Automobile external & internal fan alternators, windshield washer systems, Oil Pressure Switch

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